San Francisco On My Mind

A week ago today I discovered that the Big Basin Redwoods campsite we had found was secluded enough for me to indulge my nudist tendencies, and I took full advantage of the opportunity. That is, until the raccoons thought it would be funny to take our marshmallows and beef jerky, and I had to get dressed to chase them out by acting like a turrettes-suffering lunatic through the campground. That was my first night camping in Northern California. I think it was a good start for the things to come!

I insisted that Brian and I go camping before embarking on the San Francisco adventure because I needed to dig my toes in the mud before moving into a city again. I lived out my college days in Los Angeles, and that time fulfilled my need for city adventuring, probably for good. I loved it, but I love playing in the dirt more. So, moving to another city has not sunk well into my stubborn head. However, there is a small voice deep down that continues to insist to my obstinate nature that this will be a fun adventure, if I can just get past my own privileged notions about what I “need” in a city. Maybe it is because I am a few years beyond the college me who could have made herself at home anywhere, and I have gotten much too comfortable in San Diego. Maybe the peaceful Southern California sun has fried, almost beyond recognition, the part of my consciousness that leaps at the chance to move somewhere new, and adapt to whatever life brings my way. So, here is my chance to fix that, and bring back a part of me that I loved.

First item to come off the “need” list is a swimming pool. Okay, I’ve been seriously spoiled by having access to a sparkling pool everywhere I’ve lived in Southern California. They do not seem to be nearly as common here in Northern California. Also, from what I have heard about the beaches, they are not that ideal to swim in either. Where does anyone swim here anyway? This is still California, isn’t it? Or has Southern California taken over the stereotype completely, and I have got that whole idea completely wrong?

So, I have decided to settle for the YMCA’s pool. I will be like everyone else in the city, and when I want to dive into chlorinated goodness I will pack up my towel and Clipper card and take the Muni.

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