How to Feed a Developer – Challenge Accepted: DiGiorno Toll House

DiGiorno Pizza AND Cookies
Pizza, Meet Cookies

You can only pass by the freezer isle and see something this ridiculous before one night you stop, and go “yep, this is happening, I’m going to do this.”

Make Friday Night Memorable!
This settles it!

But is it:

Pizza, and cookies?

          Pizza. And cookies?


                              Pizza and cookies?

These are the decisions you are left with.

Let me see the nutrition information:

Pizza Nutrition
Really? 5 slices?
Cookie Nutrition
One cookie? Who eats only one cookie?

Pizza, and cookies:

Calories: 2 slices, 2 cookies: 680, + 180 = 860
Cholesterol: 2 slices, 2 cookies: 60, + 10 = 70
Sodium: 2 slices, 2 cookies: 1940, + 160 = 2100

Now the pizza. And cookies:

Calories: 2 slices = 680. 2 cookies = 180. Total: 860
Cholesterol: 2 slices = 60.  2 cookies = 10. Total: 70
Sodium: 2 slices = 1940.  2 cookies = 160. Total: 2100

When you think about it, they’re the same when you eat the pizza first, then the cookies at a later time, or when you eat the pizza and the cookies in the same sitting, but what if…

Pizza AND Cookies?!

Calories: 2 cookie-slices = 860
Cholesterol: 2 cookie-slices = 70
Sodium: 2 cookie-slices = 2100

Yep… cookie pizza:

Pizza Cookie

Oh man, that was… interesting.  Not recommended more than once though.  Now I need to clean up.  I’ll throw away the box.  But wait, what’s this?!

DiGiorno - Try All 3!
...At the same time?!

To be continued…? 🙂

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